måndag 2 april 2012

The day robots do our work (blog assignment 2)

I read in the paper “Ny Teknik” the other day about how a company in Germany have made the robot that is the most humanlike so far. The robot looks like a human being and “he” also smiles, nods and shrugs his shoulders. They have also given the robot some extra features to make it even more humanlike; it looks like the robot is breathing, his chest moves just like his breathing.

 The robot

The creator 

Alike?? Quite a bit...!
So what is the point of all this? Do they create these robots just for fun, to show that it is possible, or are the robots supposed to look like us so that they will “fit in” better in our society? 
If the meaning is that the robots should replace us in different kinds of work, is that really a good thing?

Today there are robots in factories to make the production more efficient, robots does not have to eat, sleep and so on. I can understand this, of course you as an owner of a company would like to produce as much as possible to a low cost. But would we like to meet a humanlike robot in the reception in the hospital or in the hotel lobby? When arriving at a hotel you go to the robot, tell it who you are and it will check you in. Instead of needing three people per day, who each should have their salary, you could manage with one robot that does not need to be paid. 

So what would we spend our time on if the robots replaced many of us? Where would money for rent and food come from? I really can’t see any other reason for putting so much money in the development of these “human robots” than that they are supposed to, as I wrote earlier, replace people in some professions. 

What do you think?  Would it be ok to talk to a robot when you enter the hospital?
I really just think it´s a bit creepy, I can´t understand why a robot must look and behave like a human!  

You can watch the videos of the robot here:        

Tanks for reading!!