onsdag 5 oktober 2011

Snooping bosses

What´s  beeing described in the article, that employers are spying on their employees both when they are working and on their spare time, is maybe going too far. That employers more and more are checking up on their employees is probably because the employees work ethics have gone down and they are spending more time on facebook etc than on work. But the fact that employers are going through employee’s mail, puts up cameras in the dressing room and tracks them both on working hours and after maybe damages the company more than it does good? If the employees don't feel that they are being trusted and at all times are being watched maybe they won't perform as good as they were before. Even if an employee not is doing anything wrong that the employer could complain about, I don’t think that they are feeling comfortable with being monitored all the time. However, it’s good that there are programs that reports if an employee visits an inappropriate website, like a pornographic site, at work. And if a employer suspects that someone are stealing from the company I can understand why they should spy on their employees, they are after all doing it to protect the company and the employees that not are guilty.

Spying on employees without any direct reason and monitoring their every move is probably not a good idea, but it’s good that there are programs etc that the employers can use if it would be necessary. If every employee for example signed a paper when they got hired where they agreed that if someone in the company were steeling, leaking information and so on, that it would be okay for the employer to investigate them. Maybe this isn’t a  good idea but it would protect the employees from being monitored all the time plus maybe this will stop some people from doing illegal things if they know that everyone will be investigated.